The Wild Wolf’s Wife

Okay, so I’m officially planned for what I’m writing until May in 2017 for Patrons. That’s pretty good for me, considering I usually can’t plan for shit. In fact, I’m insanely terrible at planning anything a week in advance :-/


These are the reward books for readers on Patreon. They will be released in March, April, and May for a dollar pledge until the price goes up to five dollars on June 1st. I know I can write fast. It’s something I’ve been training myself to do for a while now, but knowing these books are coming just makes me more excited to write them, and I’ve already got Part One partly plotted out πŸ˜€


To escape an arranged mating set up by her cruel step brother, she would rush to the one man who can help her, a man who has lived as a wild wolf since tragedy struck when they were children


I don’t have their names yet, but this single line, and knowing what happened in the hero’s past, is making me tingle πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to get started on this on in March.


For now, I’m still working on Bad Boy Bear. Volume 2 is finished and I’m getting it ready to send off to the editor, and it’s looking to be out for an on time release of January 20th πŸ™‚


All $1 pledges bring you the monthly romances, including the previous romances in the series you signed up for πŸ™‚ Cool, right?


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Everyone Loves Audio Books ;)

Especially When They’re Affordable!



Everyone Loves Audio Books! You Can Listen to Them In Your Car on the Way to Work, in the Gym, or Walking Your Dog πŸ™‚

I’m proud to announce that I am now commissioning Alpha, Book One in the Alpha Bites Series, to be put into Audio. Chapter by Chapter, these will be uploaded to Patreon, along with your other reader rewards, early books, and sneak peaks.

Chapter One of Alpha is ready for you, with more to come, and to celebrate, here is Chapter One for you to enjoy:…

For updates on when the rest of the chapters will be posted, and to learn more about Reader Goodies, Exclusives, and best of all, Brand New Romance eBooks and Audio, $1 per month to on Patreon will open these rewards to you <3


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A super sweet contest is on the horizon, it’s a lot of authors involved, so that’s totally cool if it’s not for you, but just remember that you can also opt out whenever you want πŸ™‚


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Kidnapped By The Dragon

Kidnapped by the Dragon, the newest book in my new Royal Dragons Series, is going to be written Chapter by Chapter on Patreon as a Reward for the super awesome people who are supporting me there. <3 <3

I hope to one day get to the level where I can give them a monthly free novella. To all Patrons, even to the Patrons who drop me a dollar a month, since I am super grateful they would do that at all, and I know other Patrons have tiers were some people are cut off and others are not based on their donation amount.

I don’t want to do this. I want to make sure everyone gets something or has the chance to get something for being so amazing as to support me on Patreon. One thing I came up with was to post some of my new books as their being written. I have to post a minimum of 10-15K words a month I figure to make this worth it for Patrons, though I’m hoping to get more than that. When the book is finished, all Patrons will have access to the edited ebook version for free before I post it to Kindle and Draft2Digital as an extra reward πŸ™‚


The first two chapters are up, and chapter three is finished with chapter four being worked on now. I’m hoping to have it up by tonight or tomorrow πŸ˜€ Check out this cover. Isn’t it awesome?! I love the lady who did this, and his scales are insane. I always wanted a cover with a hero who has scales ^_^

Get The First Two Chapters, and all Future Chapters, Free on Patreon!




Cheers and special thanks to my Patrons! You guys rock!


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As an author who wants to reach out to new readers, or just make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, and since I’ve just realized that Bookbub is a great way to make sure that happens, I wanted to let you know about this.


Also Bookbub gives you free books, so what’s not to like πŸ˜‰



Bonus! If you happen to also be in my Reader Group, every time I host a contest involving BB, following me on that platform counts as a contest entry and will go towards more free and awesome romantic Alphas and Heroes.

I’m talking free books, of course. Because why not?




Want To Be In My Dedications Page? & First Patron Reward Added!

I’ve added my First Reward to Patrons who are supporting me on Patreon πŸ˜€ Woot! More will be coming soon, and I hope we can make it to the reward tier where I can start putting out free monthly content for Patrons soon, but for now if you are an awesome lady (or gentleman) on my feed then in the Patron only Post Section you will find your unedited copy of Let Me Play A Trick On You waiting in Mobi and Epub format.


This story is set in the world of Dangerous Creatures, and will even have some Cameos from previous characters in the series. I will keep this as a timed exclusive to Patrons (I’m thinking a solid year) and will continue to update my posts periodically with Character Interviews, deleted Scenes, and first looks at upcoming covers for series I’m planning out <3 Like I said, this book is unedited and is technically an early draft, so when it does get edited, or if I get sent major edits from readers, I will continue to update the book for Patrons ^_^


Oh yeah, and if you put in a dollar a month, I will stick your name (or whichever nickname you want) into the dedication’s page in each future book I publish on Amazon, Wattpad, D2D, Smashwords, etc Pretty cool, right?


Let Me Play A Trick On You, A Dangerous Creatures Novella


Blurb: Kaydan Maxwell has always been…different. Though he likes using that to his advantage, and though being trapped in a circus and forced to perform under the threat of torture and death is annoying, he knows it’s a matter of time until he slips away.

When Julia walks into his life, things are sure to take a turn. Kaydan has never met a woman as sleek and tricky as he is, let alone a human woman. What Julia wants, Julia gets, and Kaydan was always a sucker for a beautiful woman.


Still curious about what I’m offering? Here is the Rewards List:


1. You are contributing to excellent cover art, marketing and promo material (Like the banners you see on the front page ^_^)

2. Putting your name into the tip jar will also put your name into the dedication page of all future books written as Mandy Rosko and published on Kindle, D2D, Smashwords, and even early drafts I upload to Wattpad.

3. When available, Patrons will also have access to deleted scenes, character studies, cover sneak peaks, and bonus material not included in the official release of the books πŸ™‚

Thanks for your support! Hugs and <3 <3




5 Easy Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Write Your Book

  1. Get off Facebook

2. Get off Twitter

3. Get off Youtube

4. Turn off your Internet (yes, even if that means turning your back on this precious blog post)

5. Sit in your chair and stare at that blank page until it hurts.

Voila! Simple, right?

BTW, this post is mainly meant to be a list for myself. Your mileage will vary. Time to go watch some Youtube on getting inspired and writing down those words!




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Dangerous Creatures is Here!

These Are Dangerous Creatures


All three books and the bonus novella in one sweet package. Sensual stories to make you burn.
A sinfully sexy hero with a tortured past who is out for revenge.

A sizzling electro-mancer on the run with his sexy ex.

The dragon who captured her icy heart.

And a reunion with the lover she thought was dead, whom she might now have to kill for being an alpha werewolf.




I’ll raise the price of this box set to $7.99 tomorrow to give the early birds a better price point, so please don’t delay if you wanted to grab your copy πŸ˜‰




I’m in RT’s Digital Magazine!

Screenshot 2016-08-17 18.16.00

For all you writers out there, RT Book Reviews Digital Edition published my article on Newsletter Lists! I also posted some screenshots from my dashboards, and I think it’s a little handy if you want to know what I’m up to in my self publishing adventures πŸ˜‰

Also, fun fact, in the article I mentioned I would have to delete 1.5-2.5K emails. In the end it was almost 3.8K that needed to go, and I’m still going pretty strong πŸ˜€

Shares on Facebook and Twitter would be super appreciated if you wanted to help me spread this article out <3 <3

Check it out!


Happy Writing!



Where Will This Key Take You? To A Dragon Prince of Course ;)


It wouldn’t be a good Key if it unlocked anything other than a handsome, alpha dragon, would it?

Mate of a Dragon Villain, featuring tortured heroes, dragons, battles, and sensual romance, has just been released!

Skeleton Key Book Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

Danger. Deception. A world shattering skeleton key.

Amanda always had a soft spot for the bad boys in her romance novels, she never expected to fall for the villain, of course.

After a mysterious skeleton key transports Amanda into a land of dragons, battles and gorgeous heroes, the only thing she wants is to go home. Until she’s rescued by the villain, and shares a kiss that makes her ache in ways she’s only ever written about. Going back to the real world suddenly isn’t so high on her priority list, especially when the handsome villain claims she is his mate.

Hargreave is out for revenge for his slain family when a strange woman falls from the sky, and without another thought, he drops everything to save her.

His enemies conspire against him, and it will take everything Hargreave has to rescue his woman from their clutches. When Amanda claims to be from another world, he doesn’t know if he can believe her, because believing her will mean sending her back…

48.5K words

Screenshot 2016-06-19 00.00.41


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