Poisoned Kisses

They warned her that the cobra’s kisses are poison…

John’s life has been one mistake after another as of late. How does a normal human guy end up turned into a cobra shifter and then become a henchman for evil scientists? Just when he thinks his tenure is over thanks to his boss being destroyed, he ends up right back at the mercy of another.

Rachel and Matthew know they’re not supposed to exist. If FUC knew that their father used experimentation to save their lives, they’d be done for. Or so their father said to ensure they stayed safely hidden in their underground bunker.

But when a new arrival joins the team, Rachel and Matthew start wondering if there isn’t more to life. Matthew believes the answers are at FUCN’A, while Rachel is captivated by her father’s latest prisoner. He doesn’t judge her… but he does warn that her father might also be doing something else. Something dangerous. Something that gets more people hurt.

The things he tells her cannot possibly be true, but she can’t keep away from him either, and taking such risks could prove poisonous for her health.

Poisoned Kisses by Mandy Rosko is part of Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coaltion Newbie Academy (F.U.C.N.’A.) EveL Worlds and is available on all platforms!