Defying Time

Book 2 – Year 3 – The Nightshade Guild: Broken Time

The future is bleak now that the Nightshade Mages are gone.

Being thrown in time is not something Lisa expected to experience once she became a Nightshade Guild Mage. The fact that her lover, Jason, and familiar, tiny dragon Angus, were tossed in with her just made it personal.

Before they’ve even had time to learn the new rules of the year 2333, Lisa receives a message. She needs to find the piece of the time shard that arrived with her, retrieve it, and return to Ameria so she can help the Nightshade Guild mages stop the impending apocalypse.

They’ll have to play it cool while Lisa searches for the shard, Jason avoids the wandering eye of a giant gargoyle woman, and Angus puts up with being fed dog food.

They can’t escape fast enough.