Flame and Mist

Things will get steamy when a fire creature meets a water creature at Crimson Moon Hideaway!

Darlena Manino can’t wait to attend the Deep Blue Sea Expo. Sure, only merpeople are allowed, but this fire fairy isn’t about to miss out on the chance to see the merfolk up close and personal—it’s not like she can go into the ocean herself to meet any. She’s sure she can sneak into the events because none of the merpeople will know she’s not of the sea, right?

Wrong. Because a chance encounter with a sexy merman demi-god exposes Darlena’s fiery side, leaving her barred from the events.

But all is not lost because if Alon escorts her, she can still attend. What does the dreamy ocean-dweller need from her in return? Why, a pretend date, of course! It’s the perfect way for him to attract the attention of a potential mermaid wife.

But something stirs between fire and water. The two are a mystery to each other, and they can’t resist the urge to learn more. But there can’t be a future for them outside Crimson Moon Hideaway, can there?