Crafting for Reader Fun and Prizes

Soooooo, I’ve been spending a crap ton of money on crafting supplies lately ? Right now I’m really getting into watercolors and jewelry making on top of practice character sketches. I haven’t had much time for beading or jewelry making, but luckily there was a free class at Michaels, and all I had to do was buy the materials.

The necklace in the middle with the gold chain and pearl was the one I made in class. It had a little golden arrow in it with pink beads. I love it. Might keep that one. The necklace on the far right is a little harder to make out the details of, but it has pink beads, Swarovski glue crystals which I just threw inside, and a charm inside that says Love. I already sent it to a winner of a Valentine’s Day Event

The third one with the purple beads has a little howling wolf inside it, and I’ve been wearing it around a lot the last couple of days. I might have to make a duplicate so I can have one just like it ? Otherwise, it’s coloring is perfect as a prize for my Newsletter subscribers for the release of Alpha.

These are all so cool and I adore all of these. I bought more bottles to make more, so that’s going to be fun. I might even hand one or two out as prizes at the Romancing the Capital event in April ?

Every once in a while I need an artistic outlet that involves something other than writing. This might be because I spend a whoooole lot of time writing and editing. Beading and painting is a good way to calm down and take a break while still feeling like I’m doing something.

I’m wondering if other authors do this stuff to, or if I’m the only one who had a shopping addiction for crafts, paints and books instead of shoes and clothes -_-