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  • Out Now: Alpha Medicine

    Two wolf shifters, a matchmaker, and a hospital in the middle of the Colorado mountains. Sparks will fly. Laura Boyd is used to cleaning up her twin sister’s messes, but this time, it’s worse than ever. While at a charity conference, Laura receives a call that her sister’s in trouble. When Gerri Wilder suggests a […]

  • Out today: Sea of Trouble!

    Who wouldn’t want to accept a free cruise from Gerri Wilder? Especially if that means a chance at meeting your true fated mate? Bill isn’t over his ex. He left her high and dry half a year ago, but it’s time he move on. He’s a Grizzly bear shifter with cybernetic enhancements and a dark […]

  • Out Today: Magic Confined!

    Lisa hasn’t even been a member of the Nightshade Guild for a month when suddenly, she’s stripped of her powers. After the initial shock, she’s tempted to just give up. Live a life without magic. It would make everything simpler, after all. There are just a few problems with that. Someone is targeting the mages […]

  • Out Now: Mage To Disobey (The Nightshade Guild)

    Lisa Chen has finally made a decision. She’s going to give up her life of magic and settle for a non-magic life with her human ex. Well, mostly non-magic. She’d never abandon Angus , her little red dragon familiar. But no sooner does Lisa reconcile with Jason Cross when a strange symbol appears on her […]

  • Out Today: Winter of Discontent!

    Roquette Avery, a white raccoon shifter, is terrified that someone will recognize her for who she truly is: a thief who’s just recently turned her life around and is yearning to find her fated mate. Gerri doesn’t seem to care about her past, though. She’s personally invited Roquette to her annual Christmas party and promised […]

  • Out Now: Bits and Bobs (FUCN’A)!

    A cat, a fish, and an evil bird all meet up at a lake… Steve’s little trip to BC to help his brother turned into more than he bargained for when a strange bird-woman abducted him. Now all of a sudden he can turn into some kind of cat… what?!! Cindy’s been stuck as a rescued resident […]

  • Out Now! Chillin Out (An EveL Worlds Novella)

    Can a chinchilla shifter and cat shifter find common ground ? After getting kidnapped, experimented on, and changed forever, Charlie is happy to throw her middle finger up at the world and sleep in her comfortable burrow until the end of time. If only a handsome, yet annoying, agent of FUC would just leave her […]

  • New Design: It’s Good to Be Bad in Books

    New Design: It’s Good to Be Bad in Books

    My latest design, “It’s Good to be Bad in Books – Chibi Girls” is now up on Redbubble! You can get shirts, phone cases, cups and water bottles with this design!

  • Jessie’s Harem Part 2 on Patreon

    Jessie’s Harem Part 2 on Patreon

    The latest installment of Jessie’s Harem is now available for Patrons at the $1 tier and above! This is likely to be a 4-parter, to give plenty of room for each character to get enough time on page. I also wanted to give another reminder, that if you are in the tier to get an […]

  • Can’t Bear to Be Without You available wide, Alpha audio, and a coloring page!

    Can’t Bear to Be Without You available wide, Alpha audio, and a coloring page!

    Here’s what’s happening right now! Can’t Bear to Be Without You: The third installment of You’ve Got to Be Shifting Me is now available wide! Find out what happens when a firefighter non-shifter returns to his shifter hometown and discovers his former flame has his daughter! Can they figure out their feelings while discovering who […]