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  • Out Now: Poisoned Kisses

    They warned her that the cobra’s kisses are poison… John’s life has been one mistake after another as of late. How does a normal human guy end up turned into a cobra shifter and then become a henchman for evil scientists? Just when he thinks his tenure is over thanks to his boss being destroyed, […]

  • Out Today: Remedy

    Dr. Thorn Pressly has never fallen for a patient before. In fact, he doesn’t even date. His divorce twenty-five years ago was hard enough, and raising his kids on a weekend-only agreement left no time for dating—not when his cardiology patients had lives that depended on him. Janell Haring has been living with a heart […]

  • The End of March Brings lots of Goodies!

    The End of March Brings lots of Goodies!

    Jessie’s Harem Part 3 is live on Patreon for my Patrons! There will be one more installment before it’s ready to go off to the final editors and publisher for wide release. Also happening this week, I’m getting Can’t Bear to Be Without You print copies, small swag, and postcards ready to mail to Patrons […]

  • Goodies for Patrons and for RTC attendees!

    Goodies for Patrons and for RTC attendees!

    All right, I finished this month’s cross stitch, and colouring page and have posted them on my Patreon for my patrons! I’m working on more designs, as well as revealing one of the next 2019 Patreon book covers. I’ve shown it off to a few people. I hope you’re excited. I am. It’s months away, […]

  • Follow Me On Bookbub!

    Follow Me On Bookbub!

    As an author who wants to reach out to new readers, or just make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, and since I’ve just realized that Bookbub is a great way to make sure that happens, I wanted to let you know about this. Also Bookbub gives you free books, so what’s not […]

  • Want To Be In My Dedications Page? & First Patron Reward Added!

    Want To Be In My Dedications Page? & First Patron Reward Added!

    I’ve added my First Reward to Patrons who are supporting me on Patreon ? Woot! More will be coming soon, and I hope we can make it to the reward tier where I can start putting out free monthly content for Patrons soon, but for now if you are an awesome lady (or gentleman) on my feed then in […]

  • I’m in RT’s Digital Magazine!

    I’m in RT’s Digital Magazine!

    For all you writers out there, RT Book Reviews Digital Edition published my article on Newsletter Lists! I also posted some screenshots from my dashboards, and I think it’s a little handy if you want to know what I’m up to in my self publishing adventures ? Also, fun fact, in the article I mentioned […]

  • Cover Reveal!

    Cover Reveal!

    Cover Reveal! Posted on March 3, 2016 by Mandy Rosko Okay, you’ve already seen this one, but this is the cover with the spine and back for Alpha ? Just let me post real quick so I can squeal over this. Isn’t it gorgeous? Lol, I feel so bad for the cover designer, she worked so hard on […]

  • Crafting for Reader Fun and Prizes

    Crafting for Reader Fun and Prizes

    Soooooo, I’ve been spending a crap ton of money on crafting supplies lately ? Right now I’m really getting into watercolors and jewelry making on top of practice character sketches. I haven’t had much time for beading or jewelry making, but luckily there was a free class at Michaels, and all I had to do was buy […]