Winter of Discontent

Roquette Avery, a white raccoon shifter, is terrified that someone will recognize her for who she truly is: a thief who’s just recently turned her life around and is yearning to find her fated mate.

Harmony Baer doesn’t seem to care about Roquette’s past, though. She’s personally invited Roquette to the annual Christmas party she hosts with her sisters. Roquette is nervous but excited until a nefarious-looking vampire shows up to crash the party and tells Roquette she looks exactly like another raccoon shifter she’s met—a raccoon shifter who stole something very valuable from the vampire’s home.

Before the vampire can harm Roquette, her bodyguard intervenes. He shines a glowing red eye on Roquette and grabs her with his metallic arm, insisting she flee the party. Too bad. This raccoon is not about to jet. No one gets to tell her what to do, no matter who she might resemble.

And besides, Mr. bodyguard is pretty sexy, and Roquette’s got a sneaking suspicion that he’s her fated mate.

Originally published in December 2021. It has been revised and re-released.