The Better Part of Valor

Ruby is a raccoon shifter and a baker who is looking for her family. She knows they’re out there, and after the death of her brother, finding his daughters—who were given away against his will—is her only focus.

Racoon shifters need to stick together.

She decides to hire a private detective to help. He has to be a shifter, to understand all the variables of the case, and while she’d prefer to avoid predators, there’s something about Paul Lapin that makes her trust the coyote.

She’s especially glad for his professional skills when the family who gave the girls away show up with threats, because there’s no way she’s going to stop now, when she’s this close to a family reunion!

For my regular readers, you may be surprised to find that this one has no bedroom scenes, but I still hope you enjoy! This is an older heroine’s story, involving finding family and romantic love! It was originally published in April 2022 and has been slightly revised before re-release.