Shape Up or Shift Out

Shape Up or Shift Out includes Book 1-5:
Books 1-4 written by Mandy Rosko and edited by Renee Hewett. Book 5 co-written by Mandy Rosko and Renee Hewett

A Rose by Any Other Name

Rita loves being a raccoon shifter, and she’s not ashamed of being a professional thief. The thing is, something is missing from her life: love. So when she receives a mysterious message from a matchmaker, Rita thinks Esme Baer has finally taken her up on her generous offer to steal something in return for finding her mate. What she finds instead, is that Esme sent her to meet a half-man, half-cyborg! One who is really sexy and just Rita’s type…

Winter of Discontent

Roquette Avery, a white raccoon shifter, is terrified that someone will recognize her for who she truly is: a thief who’s just recently turned her life around and is yearning to find her fated mate. She’s nervous but excited to attend a matchmaker’s Christmas party until a nefarious-looking vampire shows… and the vampire’s bodyguard catches her attention. He shines a glowing red eye on Roquette and grabs her with his metallic arm, insisting she flee the party—with him!

Sea of Trouble

Bill isn’t over his ex. He left her high and dry half a year ago, but it’s time he moves on. He’s a Grizzly bear shifter with cybernetic enhancements and a dark past. He’s not sure what kind of woman can learn to love a man like that. Ray hates water and boats, but this red panda shifter is going to suck it up and get on board because it’s been far too long since she’s dated anyone—ever since her ex completely ghosted her—and she’s got a good feeling about this matchmaking cruise.

The Better Part of Valor

Ruby is a raccoon shifter and a baker who is looking for her family. She knows they’re out there, and after the death of her brother, finding his daughters—who were given away against his will—is her only focus. She decides to hire a private detective to help. He has to be a shifter, to understand all the variables of the case, and while she’d prefer to avoid predators, there’s something about Paul Lapin that makes her trust the coyote. (An Older Heroine’s Later in Life Paranormal Story!)

Etched In Brass

Colleen Nicols is used to assignments where she’s used as bait for vampires. Her fae blood is irresistible to them. What she didn’t expect this time, was to fall for one. Bernard Saint James has turned a blind eye to his vampire family’s misdeeds for centuries, but now Lilly has gone too far. Her cyborg experiments are drawing attention, and she’s becoming bolder with every victim, and Bernard knows she must be stopped.