Out Today: Magic Confined!

Lisa hasn’t even been a member of the Nightshade Guild for a month when suddenly, she’s stripped of her powers. After the initial shock, she’s tempted to just give up. Live a life without magic. It would make everything simpler, after all.

There are just a few problems with that.

Someone is targeting the mages of the Nightshade Guild. They want to take them all out so they’re free to wreak havoc over the supernatural world. If Lisa doesn’t take her spot back, then the Nightshade Guild will be incomplete. The rune marking won’t pass to a new mage, and the magical world may once again fall into disarray.

And, the problem that hits closer to home… with no magic, Angus, her dragon familiar, will perish.

With her choice made for her, Lisa will journey to regain her powers. Through that journey she’ll have to confront her biggest flaw: her compulsion to break the rules no matter the cost.

Her journey takes her to a place she least expects it, and waiting for her there, just so happens to be Jason, her ex.

Is the person who stole her powers just messing with her? Tempting her to forget her mission to regain her powers and accept a “normal” life with Jason?

And is the Nightshade Guild’s newest member strong enough to find her powers, and determined enough to stick to the plan?

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