Vampires Don’t Share with Dragons

Katie White is struggling to get by and pay her bills in an attic apartment when one night, the tall, dark, and gorgeous (and big tipper) from the diner breaks in and steals her away.

Katie can barely resist. The same physical attraction that pulled her to this man is calling to her again, demanding she release herself to him, give him everything. Even if Alexandru is a vampire.

There’s just one problem, the dashing green scaled dragon that swooped in to her rescue. Frederick spotted Katie being “kidnapped” as he flew above, and smelling the delicious scent of his mate, he had to act.

Katie doesn’t mind so much being taken by him, but there’s just one problem. She always thought of herself as a one man only sort of girl, and yet now here are two incredibly gorgeous men fighting for her love and affection, and the three of them left with the very real possibility that they might all be connected in ways they never before.

And when terrible people from Alexandru’s past come looking for revenge, since vampires never forget or forgive, Katie is left with a terrible choice.

Walk the safer path with Frederick, or risk everything for both the men she loves.