The Billionaire Fantasy

Bad Boy Billionaire Silvio tried to make things work with Jane, the gorgeous free spirit he had a fling with. What started one night in the bathroom of the hottest club in town turned into ten intense nights that nothing could compare to.

But Jane’s plans didn’t involve wasting time on games for a rich man’s amusement. She might write about billionaires, but she knows that fantasy is different from reality. On the pages of her romance novels, pie in the sky affairs might exist, but Silvio’s past ensured that a happily-ever-after wasn’t on the table. He has reporters hounding his every move and dissecting every girlfriend, and constantly reminding the world of the Calendri’s past filled with abuse and murder. Jane knew their relationship was doomed from the start, and resolved to keep her distance.

Except Silvio could never stop thinking about the woman who stole his heart and held on tight. After he discovers someone watching her every move, he realizes he’s got to get her back. At the very least, to protect her. Silvio will give Jane the fantasy billionaire romance from one of her novels. Research, he’ll call it, with everything included, all the way down to the hot sex and Happily Ever After.

A happy ending he can only give her if he finds her stalker first, before he becomes more than a frightening voice over the phone.