Holiday with a Billionaire

Bad Boy Billionaire Brothers Novella

All work and no play makes for one frustrated billionaire.

Isla King is still settling into her new life with Arturo Calendri, the bad boy billionaire who rocked her world just to prove a point.

And stole her heart in the process.

A few months have passed since they decided to start fresh and have a real relationship, but with Arturo’s business dealings, it leaves for little time to spend in each other’s arms.

Isla wants Arturo to have a real family get together. the kind he never got to enjoy as a child. She wants all the Calendri brothers under one roof. It’s a feat she can only manage with a little help, but Arturo is running late, and if he’s going to make it to the part, and give her his surprise, then he might have to do something a little drastic.