Shark Bait

This honey badger is no one’s bait.

Not even if the shark is cute as hell.

Delilah Lovett is considered a little…odd. She’s used to it. Not everyone is comfortable around someone who takes care of the dead. Her skills are often in high demand, and she’s just been recruited to consult on a job for the Aquaterrestrial Task Force. There’s a possible traitor in their midst, and they need her genius to make sure the evidence hasn’t been tampered with.

Aiden Reyes doesn’t back down from a challenge, which is why he is given a special mission: be a bodyguard to a badass badger who insists she doesn’t need one. He figures the difficulties he faces with her will be nothing compared to the threat coming from within his own ranks, the killer who could potentially know the exact locations and missions of every agent.

Meeting Delilah and discovering she’s his mate is all the more reason for Aiden to want to find the murderer quickly and take them down. Not only does he need to protect Delilah, but he also needs the case to be solved so he can be with his overly serious, beautiful mate.

Originally released in March 2020. It has been slightly revised before re-release.