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The Aquaterrestrial Task Force

Two hot alpha shifters. One woman determined to clear her name.

Olivia is a kraken shifter, the only one of her kind. She’s used to how freaked-out people get when they find out what she is… her kind is rare and rumored to be monstrous. But when bodies start popping up with marks that appear to be made from a kraken, Olivia knows she needs to do whatever she can to clear her name and catch the person doing it. That starts with going to the Aquaterrestrial Task Force and volunteering to help with the case.

Mike is a goblin shark shifter, an agent of the ATTF. He’s not pleased when the agency sends Chase, a harpy shifter, to be his communications man, and he’s even less pleased when he learns that Olivia, an untrained civilian, will be completing the team.

It only gets worse when Mike finds out that not only is he Olivia’s mate… Chase is too!

Can the team figure out how to deal with two men mated to the same woman? And can they accept using her as bait to lure out a dangerous killer before it’s too late?

Originally released in October 2019. It has been slightly revised before re-released.

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