I’ll Be Dammed

A FUC Academy Story

Someone shaved her beaver…

Waking up without her memory, unable to shift, and sore all over sucked. The big one. Who is she, and who shaved her beaver?! Beverley wants answers but she’s having a hard time getting the truth from the barn owl who claims she’s his mate.

At least he’s handsome. However this supposed husband of hers is hiding something and it’s driving her a little woody. She will gnaw at him until he tells her what’s really wrong.

But when she finds out the truth…having her beaver shaved will be the least of her problems.

Content warning: If you prefer to avoid books that include topics such as the loss of a child, we recommend you skip this book and stay tuned for the next FUCN’A installment. If you do decide to read, just know that there is a happily ever after!