Gonna Make You Howl

Break all the rules, risk it all, or go home with nothing…

Gabriel has been in hiding for years. Ever since being kidnapped, tortured, and turned into a werewolf, he knew his old life was over. So was his old love.

Werewolves are wild creatures, and hunted for the safety of the humans. Gabriel has control, and he can control his pack, but it’s better if he stays away from people, and from the woman he left behind. God only knows she’d put a bullet in his ass if she ever found out he was alive…

Mina Swanson has been hard at working hunting the paranormals ever since her lover was dragged out of his truck and brutally murdered. She never found the body, but wild werewolves rarely leave one behind.

When she and her team find a wild pack, their plans are simple. Get in, dispatch the pack, and get out. Mina doesn’t expect to get caught, or to be put over an open fire to be eaten alive.

She also doesn’t expect to see Gabriel’s face when he comes to her rescue, and her joy at seeing her lover alive is quickly squashed at the realization that she might have to put him down…