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  • The Wild Wolf’s Wife

    The Wild Wolf’s Wife

    Okay, so I’m officially planned for what I’m writing until May in 2017 for Patrons. That’s pretty good for me, considering I usually can’t plan for shit. In fact, I’m insanely terrible at planning anything a week in advance :-/ These are the reward books for readers on Patreon. They will be released in March, […]

  • Everyone Loves Audio Books 😉

    Everyone Loves Audio Books ;)

    Especially When They’re Affordable! Everyone Loves Audio Books! You Can Listen to Them In Your Car on the Way to Work, in the Gym, or Walking Your Dog ? I’m proud to announce that I am now commissioning Alpha, Book One in the Alpha Bites Series, to be put into Audio. Chapter by Chapter, these will […]

  • Kidnapped By The Dragon

    Kidnapped By The Dragon

    Kidnapped by the Dragon, the newest book in my new Royal Dragons Series, is going to be written Chapter by Chapter on Patreon as a Reward for the super awesome people who are supporting me there. <3 <3 I hope to one day get to the level where I can give them a monthly free novella. […]

  • Dangerous Creatures is Here!

    Dangerous Creatures is Here!

    These Are Dangerous Creatures All three books and the bonus novella in one sweet package. Sensual stories to make you burn. A sinfully sexy hero with a tortured past who is out for revenge. A sizzling electro-mancer on the run with his sexy ex. The dragon who captured her icy heart. And a reunion with the lover she thought was dead, […]

  • Where Will This Key Take You? To A Dragon Prince of Course 😉

    Where Will This Key Take You? To A Dragon Prince of Course ;)

    It wouldn’t be a good Key if it unlocked anything other than a handsome, alpha dragon, would it? Mate of a Dragon Villain, featuring tortured heroes, dragons, battles, and sensual romance, has just been released! Skeleton Key Book Series One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures. Danger. Deception. A world shattering skeleton key. Amanda always had […]

  • A Lesson In Keeping Organized

    A Lesson In Keeping Organized

    So, bad news, I totally forgot to order more books for Prose in the Park, a literary event that’s happening this Saturday where I’m going to be signing. I know, I’m an idiot. Luckily, I do have about 26 books left over from Romancing The Capital. EEK! This includes a bunch of Proof copied of […]

  • Got The Books in for the Author Signing at Romancing The Capitol!

    Got The Books in for the Author Signing at Romancing The Capitol!

    I’m so happy today. My paperbacks for the author signing are here. Three big boxes of books came to my door from Createspace ? Woot! And even better, today I have pictures! I have updated copies of The Vampire’s Curse, copies of As Cold As Ice, and Proof copies of Arrangement with a Billionaire. I […]