The Wild Wolf’s Wife

The Big Bad Wolf Is Back

Jolie is her own wolf, and when the alpha decides on her behalf that she’s going to mate with someone she absolutely despises… Nope. Not happening.

Unfortunately, as an omega in the pack, she doesn’t have the power to decline, but there’s one man who can help her. The rightful alpha of the pack, banished when he was a child, and Jolie’s true mate. Now she has to find him, find Liam living in the wild and convince him to take his rightful place in the pack.

Liam was a child when his parents were murdered and he was stripped of his rightful place in the pack. He could have moved on, he didn’t. He couldn’t bring himself to be far from his mate. Jolie didn’t need him then, but she needs him now, and heads will roll before he allows his woman to be thrust into the arms of another wolf.

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