The Omega’s Safe Haven

Sean and Markus have been rescuing Omegas from facilities that sell them and working with Esme Baer to connect them with their fated mates.

When their associate calls to inform Sean that she’s found a special Omega for him and Markus, he’s so distracted that he falls off a ladder and hits his head! When the fearful Omega arrives, she’s met with an amnesiac Alpha who has no idea who he is, or that she is meant to be his.

Though Tara knows the Alpha is rumored to make Omegas who displease him disappear, Sean is nothing like she thought he would be. He seems to think he’s a servant in the house, and Tara doesn’t dare tell him the truth, even when everything about him makes her feel safe.

Until his lover, the Beta, comes back from a business trip and triggers Sean’s memories to return.

Will Tara’s deception ruin her chances at the safe haven she’s always dreamed of?

This book was originally published in January 2022. It has been slightly revised before re-release.