Darkness Awakened

Awaken your inner wild side…

Lilac has led a picture-perfect life, full of designer clothes and brand name makeup, not knowing that all of it was bought and paid for through a devilish deal her father made before she was born. But now, her vampire master has come looking to collect.

Believing her fate to be sealed, Lilac travels to the wealthy vampire’s private island to serve out her father’s contract as a blood donor. However, it’s not until she meets her captor’s sickly niece that she understands her role in this game. The powerful, handsome, and dangerous vampire may be full of warmth and compassion for the girl, but Lilac cannot shake her distrust of Warrick’s motives.

Even so, there is more about Warrick that she can’t seem to stop thinking about…

Lilac wants to keep strictly to business, but something about him calls to her. Despite the trouble it might lead to, Lilac finds that the more she’s around Warrick, the less she cares about the risks.

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