Dangerous Guardian

Bastion is a Guardian with an awesome flaming sword, a hot girlfriend, and a mission.

He’s been hopping from world to world, saving lives, killing dictators, and looking good while doing it for years, but the job that once brought him so much joy has a dark feel to it that he can’t shake. With infinite worlds to jump into and countless rules to follow, what difference is he actually making?

When the woman he loves is killed in a random mugging, no, just no. Absolutely unacceptable. Bastion will do the one thing he is forbidden from doing to get her back because screw the damn rules. He’ll jump to world where Alyssa is still alive and save her life, throwing everything about her world into chaos as someone else dies to take her place.

Alyssa, at first unsure of this new version of Bastion, can no longer bear the thought of being without him, but now over a dozen guardians are coming for them. Coming to punish them. To punish Bastion for breaking the law of the sword, and to punish Alyssa for not dying like she was supposed to.