Can’t Bear to Be Without You

Some fires never go out…

Jonas MacBride left Lakeview in his past, including the woman who spurned him. There was no place there for a subhuman like him – someone born to shifters without the ability to transform. Yet after years of building a life for himself, and a career as a firefighter, he’s sent back to Lakeview to investigate some recent brushfire incidents. And on his first day in town he runs right into the woman he once thought he’d spend his life with.

Taylor Daniella Norina thought she’d seen the last of Jonas until he shows up asking questions about fires – questions that none of the shifter community is interested in answering. She can tell that Jonas doesn’t want to be there, and she’d prefer he left as soon as possible too. Someone might be hiding the truth about who’s setting the brushfires, but Taylor has her own secret – one involving the child she carried when Jonas left her behind.

Can’t Bear to Be Without You is book 3 in the You’ve Got to be Shifting Me series.

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