Are You Going To Vegas?

Hey there! The Romantic Times Convention is almost here, and I’m getting super excited for going.

I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m not ready! I have to pack up my stuff and make sure everything’s in order before I go. It was like April just totally snuck up on me and I didn’t realize it. There’s so much planning left to do!

Anyway! I’m going as a reader. I’ll be attending the workshops, running around the book signings and getting cool free books? I’m nervous and excited to go. Mostly because I hate travelling, but I also really want to be at this convention. If you happen to be there, let me know! Maybe we can go workshop hopping together! Lol, though every year before I was so busy I hardly ever saw the same person twice!

And new news! I just recently got the Periscope App for my iPad!

This app allows me to post videos to the Internet live. It’s pretty cool that we can do that these days, isn’t it? They can basically be as long as I want, though I don’t think I’d end up doing long videos! I think I’d need someone to talk to first. Pages exist (like as one example) to give some help with that because it takes some getting used to. I had my first live chat with myself earlier today. Lol, I’m new to this so one person showed up and quickly left, but that’s all right because the video will be up until later tomorrow night before it gets deleted. I just kind of rambled into the camera and showed off my dog and my awesome new books. You can watch my self interview here:

The reason why I include these links would be because I would love it if you would get the app. I’d love to get on again and answer questions in real time, and maybe do an author reading from one of my books. When I figure out how following works, I’ll post an update so we can chat together ?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Have you downloaded and tried periscope yet? Or is it not your thing? I’d love some feedback on this!

Happy reading!

~Mandy Rosko