A Lesson In Keeping Organized

So, bad news, I totally forgot to order more books for Pros in the Park, a literary event that’s happening this Saturday where I’m going to be signing. I know, I’m an idiot. Luckily, I do have about 26 books left over from Romancing The Capital.


This includes a bunch of Proof copied of Arrangement with a Billionaire, the leftover copies of Alpha and As Cold as Ice, and the one copy of Vampire’s curse that I have left. However, this doesn’t include books on my shelf. I might yank them all off and bring them to the signing, too.

I also ordered 7 more books and got primary shipping through Amazon to get them in on the 2nd, but that’s expensive as all hell, hence, why I only ordered 7. Even with the $40 gift card I had, it was a steep price to pay.

I also ordered 40 books quickly through Createspace and got priority shipping, but according to Createspace, the package might not come in until the 8th, which will miss the date I need them by.

Now, I might get a Christmas miracle and those books could possibly make it in by Friday. Don’t laugh, it’s happened before, so while I’ll hope for the best, I won’t be too disappointed if they don’t come in. I’ll still have 34 or so books to give away, and I’ll just make more buttons and give away more nail polish and business cards.

When/if I run out of books, I can also encourage people to sign up for my newsletter through their phones and get the free starter library I’m giving away.

At least I won’t show up with a giant pile of nothing, and I also don’t know what the romance crowd there will be like, so yeah, not a total disaster.

Though I do need to learn how to better keep track of these things…

Now onto the better news!

Alpha Bear is released today! Woot! Or should I say Rawr?


Alpha Bear 3D

Will you look at that bad boy? I love this cover. Jennifer does such an amazing job I can’t even compute it.

Please feel free to share this book and pick up a copy for yourselves. I’m dying to know what people think of it 😀 Dane is my first bear shifter under Mandy Rosko, and he needs some love?

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1THLINT

Nook: http://goo.gl/oBjFHe

Kobo: https://goo.gl/2Jng4O


A Bear’s Hunger Won’t Be Denied…..

Former Navy Seal Dane Green is in a bad mood. After being injured on a rescue mission to retrieve the alpha’s mate and sister, and a fiery red head with amazing legs, he’s stuck in bed. To make matters worse, the red head he was injured for while rescuing, is insisting on nursing him back to health.

It might be great if he didn’t want to pull her in bed with him…





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Woot! I Love Romance Readers! The Author Book Signing was a Blast!

So of the 130 or so copies of all the books I brought in to Romancing the Capital, I’ve only got about 20-30 left over, which is pretty sweet. I gotta say, nothing makes an author feel more special than when a cluster of readers are surrounding her table 😀 Of course, the fact that I was giving them away for free might’ve helped with that, but still, special warm feelings were definitely happening. I didn’t even have time to take pictures of the room! Or eat my sushi lunch. Lol This pic below show Eve Langlais, the host of the entire thing, waving at the camera. I can’t believe she put this together twice!


On another bright side, even though the charms didn’t come in on time because of customs, Eve managed to get them in, and soon I’ll have mine in hand. I don’t know what they look like yet, but I’ve seen pics of other people’s charms, and they look so amazing that I might have to order some of my own next year 😀

Yeah, Eve has tentatively decided that she will do this again in August. I’m hoping to have the sequel to Arrangement with a Billionaire out in time for the signing! Man, what would be awesome. If I can get permission, I might also order some more water bottles for the event. Next year, I’ll be getting them without the straws, however. One lady got a bottle with no straw in it, and I couldn’t find her to give her another bottle. I’m not sure what it will look like when I pick it out, but I’m sure it will be awesome no matter what :)

Were you there at RTC? I’d love to know! If you weren’t, you should definitely check it out next year. It’s going to be a blast, and I’ll be signing again 😉

Get a ticket here: http://orc.evelanglais.com/wordpress/



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Got The Books in for the Author Signing at Romancing The Capitol!

I’m so happy today. My paperbacks for the author signing are here. Three big boxes of books came to my door from Createspace 😀 Woot! And even better, today I have pictures!

I have updated copies of The Vampire’s Curse, copies of As Cold As Ice, and Proof copies of Arrangement with a Billionaire.

I had to order AWAB so close to the date of the signing that I couldn’t order proper proof copies. I basically had to confirm the book before seeing a physical copy just to make sure I would have 40 copies ready to sign and hand out to readers.

I did this knowing there would be mistakes. There’s a grey bar at the top of the cover, which I only half thought would be there. It should have been cut off, but I was working with Murphey’s Law here, so I figured it would be there. Some of the scene breaks aren’t centered, and there’s an error with the Heroine’s jeans that one awesome Alpha Team member pointed out.

But yeah, these are the unofficial proofs, and I’m making sure readers know that before handing them out. Either way, I’m still stupidly stoked to have these books.

I keep stroking the spines of AWAB like an idiot because it’s just so damned pretty. See for yourself!



Aren’t they pretty?! I love the grey and red tone of these books, and the red cloudy spine. That tie is something to drool over to. You can see the small grey line at the top of the cover where my finger is pointing, but I still love these. Lol, I almost don’t want to give the copies away because they’re so damned beautiful <3 <3 <3 I still have trouble believing I wrote this big book on Wattpad. It’s so thick. It’s about as thick as The Vampire’s Curse, but the Vampire’s curse has bigger font and is 5.25×8 instead of 5×8

Also, you can’t see it here, but the spines with many copies of AWAB are off centered. I found a couple in the box of forty that looked all right, the one below is an example of one, and for thickness comparison just to show you :) The Vampire’s Curse is 80k words, but has a bigger font, and Arrangement with a Billionaire is 110k words with a smaller font. Making print books is complicated @_@


The spine error, which you can’t see here, will be fixed in a couple of days. Just have to update the files and let Createspace do their thing, but it’s okay because people at the signing will get these books for Free :) Free is the best word in the dictionary, didn’t you know?

I can’t wait to meet all the authors coming to RTC. Last year I bought a bunch of books, saw and listened to some excellent panels, and this year I did an author interview with a fellow author to get ready for it.

I have no idea how I’m going to fit all these books and the water bottles into my car so I can get to the signing. Lol. I might have to make two trips.

Are you going to Romancing The Capital? Have you been to any romance signings? They’re awesome, I’d love to know what you think of them 😀



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Are You Going To Vegas? by Mandy Rosko

Hey there! The Romantic Times Convention is almost here, and I’m getting super excited for going.

I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m not ready! I have to pack up my stuff and make sure everything’s in order before I go. It was like April just totally snuck up on me and I didn’t realize it. There’s so much planning left to do!

Anyway! I’m going as a reader. I’ll be attending the workshops, running around the book signings and getting cool free books? I’m nervous and excited to go. Mostly because I hate travelling, but I also really want to be at this convention. If you happen to be there, let me know! Maybe we can go workshop hopping together! Lol, though every year before I was so busy I hardly ever saw the same person twice!

And new news! I just recently got the Periscope App for my iPad!



This app allows me to post videos to the Internet live. They can basically be as long as I want, though I don’t think I’d end up doing long videos! I think I’d need someone to talk to first:) I had my first live chat with myself earlier today. Lol, I’m new to this so one person showed up and quickly left, but that’s all right because the video will be up until later tomorrow night before it gets deleted. I just kind of rambled into the camera and showed off my dog and my awesome new books. You can watch my self interview here: https://twitter.com/Rizzorosko

The reason why I include these links would be because I would love it if you would get the app. I’d love to get on again and answer questions in real time, and maybe do an author reading from one of my books.:) When I figure out how following works, I’ll post an update so we can chat together 😀

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Have you downloaded and tried periscope yet? Or is it not your thing?  I’d love some feedback on this!

And remember you can get my starter romance library, which is 3 freebie paranormal ebooks, by visiting this link: http://mandyrosko.com/contact.php or clicking the banner at the very top of this post :)

Happy reading!

~Mandy Rosko



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Cover Reveal!

Okay, you’ve already seen this one, but this is the cover with the spine and back for Alpha 😀 Just let me post real quick so I can squeal over this.


Isn’t it gorgeous? Lol, I feel so bad for the cover designer, she worked so hard on this. She basically had to redo the original cover from scratch in order to make the sizes right since the print size I’m going for it a little different than usual. Think close to Harlequin size. She didn’t have to do that either, she surprised me with this since she’s amazingly awesome! And look at those wolf heads! I love them!

God, I can’t wait to put this up on Createspace and hold this in my hands 😀 I hear there might be some trouble with expanded distribution, but I’ll wait and see on that one. Anyway! I just had to gush :3 This cover is my new favorite thing I can’t wait to see what Alpha Bear will look like when the spine and back get finished on that one, though that won’t be for a month at least, most likely more since I’m just finishing that book up, and it still needs to go through edits.



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Crafting for Reader Fun and Prizes

Soooooo, I’ve been spending a crap ton of money on crafting supplies lately 😀 Right now I’m really getting into watercolors and jewellery making on top of practice character sketches. I haven’t had much time for beading or jewellery making, but luckily there was a free class at Michaels, and all I had to do was buy the materials.

The necklace in the middle with the gold chain and pearl was the one I made in class. It had a little golden arrow in it with pink beads. I love it. Might keep that one. The necklace on the far right is a little harder to make out the details of, but it has pink beads, Swarovski glue crystals which I just threw inside, and a charm inside that says Love. I already sent it to a winner of a Valentine’s Day Event

The third one with the purple beads has a little howling wolf inside it, and I’ve been wearing it around a lot the last couple of days. I might have to make a duplicate so I can have one just like it 😀 Otherwise, it’s coloring is perfect as a prize for my Newsletter subscribers for the release of Alpha.

These are all so cool and I adore all of these. I bought more bottles to make more, so that’s going to be fun. I might even hand one or two out as prizes at the Romancing the Capital event in April 😀

Every once in a while I need an artistic outlet that involves something other than writing. This might be because I spend a whoooole lot of time writing and editing. Beading and painting is a good way to calm down and take a break while still feeling like I’m doing something.

I’m wondering if other authors do this stuff to, or if I’m the only one who had a shopping addiction for crafts, paints and books instead of shoes and clothes -_-


Screenshot 2016-02-18 20.21.08