The Wild Wolf’s Wife

Okay, so I’m officially planned for what I’m writing until May in 2017 for Patrons. That’s pretty good for me, considering I usually can’t plan for shit. In fact, I’m insanely terrible at planning anything a week in advance :-/

These are the reward books for readers on Patreon. They will be released in March, April, and May for a dollar pledge until the price goes up to five dollars on June 1st. I know I can write fast. It’s something I’ve been training myself to do for a while now, but knowing these books are coming just makes me more excited to write them, and I’ve already got Part One partly plotted out ?

To escape an arranged mating set up by her cruel step brother, she would rush to the one man who can help her, a man who has lived as a wild wolf since tragedy struck when they were children

I don’t have their names yet, but this single line, and knowing what happened in the hero’s past, is making me tingle ? I can’t wait to get started on this on in March.

For now, I’m still working on Bad Boy Bear. Volume 2 is finished and I’m getting it ready to send off to the editor, and it’s looking to be out for an on time release of January 20th ?

All $1 pledges bring you the monthly romances, including the previous romances in the series you signed up for ? Cool, right?


Mandy Rosko