The End of March Brings lots of Goodies!

The End of March Brings lots of Goodies!

Jessie’s Harem Part 3 is live on Patreon for my Patrons! There will be one more installment before it’s ready to go off to the final editors and publisher for wide release.

Also happening this week, I’m getting Can’t Bear to Be Without You print copies, small swag, and postcards ready to mail to Patrons of those tiers. I also have the final files of Can’t Bear to Be Without You and Kidnapped by the Dragon ready to share with Patrons soon!

Speaking of Kidnapped by the Dragon… it’s available wide this Friday, March 29th! I started this book in October 2016, when I started my Patreon, and now it’s finally available to the public! Right now it’s just the eBook version, but the print version will be up very soon, and I’ll definitely have it with me at Romancing the Capital’s book signing on August 3rd this year.

I’m still streaming over on Twitch a few times a week, so if you want to chat try checking it out! If you follow me and sign up for notifications you’ll get an email or an app alert when I start streaming. If you subscribe you can get the same notifications, but you’ll also be sending me a bit of extra money each month so I can keep doing creative things for my fans! If you have Amazon Prime, then you get one free sub to someone on Twitch every month. If you’re not already using it, I’d love if you could sub to me!

Hope you’re having a great March!

Happy Reading 🙂