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Love Romance? Love Paranormal Romances? I do, and I love writing them and knowing you're out there enjoying them, falling for the heroes, and sending feedback. Or just grabbing up some more πŸ˜‰ The markets are changing, rules are changing. Amazon is slowly setting itself up to be the next Gatekeeper, AllRomanceeBooks shut down unexpectedly, causing lots of Author and reader frustration, and publishers are either feeling the pinch or closing their doors. So I wanted to go directly to you. I want to deliver swoon worthy Alpha Heroes while keeping the middlemen out of it as much as possible. That's where Patron comes in. What is Patreon?

Patreon is very Artist friendly, and with it, you can support your favorite author or artist, and in return for your pledge, I will give you Monthly Romances Much earlier than I would have released them on Amazon, or any other vendor. You'll get them cheaper, and I will Dedicate these books to you. You will also get Audio Chapters of my eBooks as they are prepared. Pretty Nifty, right?

But this is monthly, right? How do you know that I will give you a new romance every month for your $1 Pledge? What if I can't deliver?
It's simple. If I don't deliver, you don't pay 😊 Like I said, Patreon is very artist friendly, but they're also very You Friendly, and they want to make sure you get everything you pledged for. If I don't bring you the monthly romance I promised, then your pledge will be paused. Easy Peasy

The Bad Boy Bear Volumes are my first 3 eBooks on Patreon, and I plan on there being many more to come.

Even if you missed out on these ones, you can get all the future Patron books super early, dedicated to you, and with professional covers and formatting every single month from here on out and join the growing community of Alpha Heroines and Heroes who are making Romance happen.

I've even got a video of my own down below to explain it all to you 😊

I'd love to see you there,
Mandy Rosko β™₯