Kidnapped By The Dragon

Kidnapped by the Dragon, the newest book in my new Royal Dragons Series, is going to be written Chapter by Chapter on Patreon as a Reward for the super awesome people who are supporting me there. <3 <3

I hope to one day get to the level where I can give them a monthly free novella. To all Patrons, even to the Patrons who drop me a dollar a month, since I am super grateful they would do that at all, and I know other Patrons have tiers were some people are cut off and others are not based on their donation amount.

I don’t want to do this. I want to make sure everyone gets something or has the chance to get something for being so amazing as to support me on Patreon. One thing I came up with was to post some of my new books as their being written. I have to post a minimum of 10-15K words a month I figure to make this worth it for Patrons, though I’m hoping to get more than that. When the book is finished, all Patrons will have access to the edited ebook version for free before I post it to Kindle and Draft2Digital as an extra reward ?

The first two chapters are up, and chapter three is finished with chapter four being worked on now. I’m hoping to have it up by tonight or tomorrow ? Check out this cover. Isn’t it awesome?! I love the lady who did this, and his scales are insane. I always wanted a cover with a hero who has scales ^_^

Get The First Two Chapters, and all Future Chapters, Free on Patreon!


Cheers and special thanks to my Patrons! You guys rock!