Got The Books in for the Author Signing at Romancing The Capitol!

Got The Books in for the Author Signing at Romancing The Capitol!

I’m so happy today. My paperbacks for the author signing are here. Three big boxes of books came to my door from Createspace ? Woot! And even better, today I have pictures!

I have updated copies of The Vampire’s Curse, copies of As Cold As Ice, and Proof copies of Arrangement with a Billionaire.

I had to order AWAB so close to the date of the signing that I couldn’t order proper proof copies. I basically had to confirm the book before seeing a physical copy just to make sure I would have 40 copies ready to sign and hand out to readers.

I did this knowing there would be mistakes. There’s a grey bar at the top of the cover, which I only half thought would be there. It should have been cut off, but I was working with Murphey’s Law here, so I figured it would be there. Some of the scene breaks aren’t centered, and there’s an error with the Heroine’s jeans that one awesome Alpha Team member pointed out.

But yeah, these are the unofficial proofs, and I’m making sure readers know that before handing them out. Either way, I’m still stupidly stoked to have these books.

I keep stroking the spines of AWAB like an idiot because it’s just so damned pretty. See for yourself!


Aren’t they pretty?! I love the grey and red tone of these books, and the red cloudy spine. That tie is something to drool over to. You can see the small grey line at the top of the cover where my finger is pointing, but I still love these. Lol, I almost don’t want to give the copies away because they’re so damned beautiful <3 <3 <3 I still have trouble believing I wrote this big book on Wattpad. It’s so thick. It’s about as thick as The Vampire’s Curse, but the Vampire’s curse has bigger font and is 5.25×8 instead of 5×8

Also, you can’t see it here, but the spines with many copies of AWAB are off centered. I found a couple in the box of forty that looked all right, the one below is an example of one, and for thickness comparison just to show you :) The Vampire’s Curse is 80k words, but has a bigger font, and Arrangement with a Billionaire is 110k words with a smaller font. Making print books is complicated @_@

The spine error, which you can’t see here, will be fixed in a couple of days. Just have to update the files and let Createspace do their thing, but it’s okay because people at the signing will get these books for Free :) Free is the best word in the dictionary, didn’t you know?

I can’t wait to meet all the authors coming to RTC. Last year I bought a bunch of books, saw and listened to some excellent panels, and this year I did an author interview with a fellow author to get ready for it.

I have no idea how I’m going to fit all these books and the water bottles into my car so I can get to the signing. Lol. I might have to make two trips.

Are you going to Romancing The Capital? Have you been to any romance signings? They’re awesome, I’d love to know what you think of them ?