Goodies for Patrons and for RTC attendees!

Goodies for Patrons and for RTC attendees!

All right, I finished this month’s cross stitch, and colouring page and have posted them on my Patreon for my patrons!

I’m working on more designs, as well as revealing one of the next 2019 Patreon book covers. I’ve shown it off to a few people. I hope you’re excited. I am. It’s months away, but I will also be having a vote on the basic plot and concept for this story as well 🙂

For RTC attendees, pin designs are ready and molds are complete. Payments are in and now they will be mass produced for the event! I love them!

Also! The print copies of Can’t Bear To Be Without You have come in. I will be getting the post cards and small swag delivered on Monday, so I can start putting those packages together for shipping out very soon 🙂

I hope your March Break has been going well so far. The new job is pretty neat. It’s quiet because of March Break, but I’m still finding the time to sneak in some writing during lunch breaks and after work.

I’ve got so much shit planned and not have to cram it all in, in less time, but I’m nothing if not a self hating artist who loves to punish herself with more stuff to do >:)

Don’t forget that you can still find me on Twitch! I’m over there doing writing streams, crafting, and gaming most Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights! And if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can subscribe to me on Twitch for FREE (which gives me a little bit of money each month, and unlocks special subscriber badges for you)!

Hugs and Happy Reading!