I am the middle of three children, not including three step brothers. I am not married, have no kids, and am hoping that this writing business pays off one day since I'm not qualified, motivated, or smart enough to do anything else. : /

The first romance novel I ever read came from a used bookstore in Fort Erie, and as there isn't a Chapters, Coles, or any other place other than Wal Mart or Zellers where you could get books new in that town, I wound up losing a lot of money there. I started off reading fantasy, and always enjoying the bits of romance that were found in those books the most. Then I discovered Surrender My Love by Johanna Lindsay.

I grew up wanting to write stories, but never doing it because I thought it was a stupid thing for me to attempt. I remember having empty journals in my room and wanting to fill them with characters and exciting situations, doing a few pages, but then stopping and thinking something along the lines of, 'No one would read it. You wouldn't fill the entire book or finish it anyway.' Still, I wrote a little after getting a crappy computer put in my room, and my first story was a fantasy. I never finished it, but it was a lot of fun.

At nineteen, I decided to stop messing around and started my second book.

Then I posted it on the Internet, barely edited, then put it up on Lulu for people to buy. Only family and a few friends got it, for which I am extremely grateful, even though my mom hands out her copy for some of her friends to read once in a while, which is a nightmare. The almost-not-edited version is still on the Internet for people to laugh at.

Sometimes I'm stunned that I even like writing at all. I used to hate grammar, always hated poetry (it's growing on me now) and in school we never read any of the classics. I started to read them after I got out of school, which sucks because they probably would have been easier for me to understand if there was an entire classroom of people to discuss the books with.