A Lesson In Keeping Organized

So, bad news, I totally forgot to order more books for Prose in the Park, a literary event that’s happening this Saturday where I’m going to be signing. I know, I’m an idiot. Luckily, I do have about 26 books left over from Romancing The Capital.


This includes a bunch of Proof copied of Arrangement with a Billionaire, the leftover copies of Alpha and As Cold as Ice, and the one copy of Vampire’s curse that I have left. However, this doesn’t include books on my shelf. I might yank them all off and bring them to the signing, too.

I also ordered 7 more books and got primary shipping through Amazon to get them in on the 2nd, but that’s expensive as all hell, hence, why I only ordered 7. Even with the $40 gift card I had, it was a steep price to pay.

I was actually speaking to a friend of mine about ordering books on Amazon the other day. She told me that the last time she ordered a load of books from Amazon, she was able to use a promo code to get a discount.

Looking back on it now, I should have definitely checked to see if there was an amazon promo code that I could have used! Oh well, you live and you learn. Next time I will definitely be checking for any coupons before I place my order.

Anyway, I also ordered 40 books quickly through Createspace and got priority shipping, but according to Createspace, the package might not come in until the 8th, which will miss the date I need them by.

Now, I might get a Christmas miracle and those books could possibly make it in by Friday. Don’t laugh, it’s happened before, so while I’ll hope for the best, I won’t be too disappointed if they don’t come in. I’ll still have 34 or so books to give away, and I’ll just make more buttons and give away more nail polish and business cards.

When/if I run out of books, I can also encourage people to sign up for my newsletter through their phones and get the free starter library I’m giving away.

At least I won’t show up with a giant pile of nothing, and I also don’t know what the romance crowd there will be like, so yeah, not a total disaster.

Though I do need to learn how to better keep track of these things…

Now onto the better news!

Alpha Bear is released today! Woot! Or should I say Rawr?


Will you look at that bad boy? I love this cover. Jennifer does such an amazing job I can’t even compute it.

Please feel free to share this book and pick up a copy for yourselves. I’m dying to know what people think of it ? Dane is my first bear shifter under Mandy Rosko, and he needs some love?

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1THLINT

Nook: http://goo.gl/oBjFHe

Kobo: https://goo.gl/2Jng4O


A Bear’s Hunger Won’t Be Denied…..

Former Navy Seal Dane Green is in a bad mood. After being injured on a rescue mission to retrieve the alpha’s mate and sister, and a fiery red head with amazing legs, he’s stuck in bed. To make matters worse, the red head he was injured for while rescuing, is insisting on nursing him back to health.

It might be great if he didn’t want to pull her in bed with him…